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Welcome to Top Training Institute of Vastu,Aura,Reiki (LLP), Dehradun

2. Aura Cleaning



               AURA  cleaning  Technique

 Would you like to know about  AURA  Healing Technique.

This is Non – Touch Therapy,  Super brain Healing , Spiritual Healing .

Healing is a ray of  HOPE  for the patients  struggling  with Sugar , Kidney ,

 lungs /  Breathing Problems , migraine , back pain , spondilosis , sinusitis ,

 hypertension ,  rheumatoid  arthritis etc.

Benefits -  Reduces  stress , Provides inner peace and happiness ,

reduces negative emotion like anger , irritation and hatred , Prevents

or heals the diseases caused by modern life style .

AURA cleaning Technique works by correcting energy imbalances and blockages, removing

used-up or diseased energy and replacing it with fresh prana.

AURA cleaning Technique is not only helpful in clearing physical conditions, but it is also very

helpful in treating psychological and psycho-spiritual disorders.

Cleansing and energizing are the two basic techniques used .

Cleansing is used to remove dirty or diseased energy in the body And to eradicate blockages

in the energy channels. Energizing is the transference of fresh “prana”.

AURA cleaning is completely safe for the healer. The guidelines taught are very comprehensive.

At no point does the healer following the AURA cleaning  guidelines, run the risk of an adverse

effect on his / her body.

Keep in mind that the healer does not use his/her own energy to heal patients. Knowledge

of basic healing enables one to use it day in and day out for e.g. — work areas, relationships,

effective money management. It is not restricted to healing patients. Everything that exists has

energy. Once you learn the A, B, C’s of energy a whole new perspective of life opens up.

·         Improved health and increased stamina

·         Inner peace and happiness.

·         Better memory and concentration.

·         Rapid spiritual growth.

·         Reduced stress.

·         Attain the ability to attract good luck and become more prosperous.

·         Better interpersonal skills.

·         Greater self-esteem.

With medical studies suggesting that up to 80 per cent of ailments are traced to emotional and psychological problems, this course is a powerful tool to combat all forms of emotional anguish.


1 .  What is AURA cleaning Technique & How it works ?

2 .  What is Aura ? How does Aura gets Clean and energized ?

4 .  What are chakras & why are they so important ?

5 .  The Major Chakras , How does Chakras get clean ?

6.   How to remove dirty or diseased energy and to remove blockages ?

7.   How to Energise & transfer fresh “prana” in the body .

8 .  Psycho cleaning Therapy , why Psycho cleaning is so important ?

9 .  Prevents or heals the diseases , Improves health and

      Increases stamina .

( After the Course , Literature , Audio / Visual C D given for Practise . )  


 1 . Aura & chakras cleaning through Crystals ( FAST TECHNIQUE )

2 . Psycho cleaning through Crystals & How to program a Crystal .

3 . Aura cleaning through Mantras .

4.  Basic Vastu Direction Course & Diseases .

5.  Balances  of Panchabhuthas / Use & Benefit of GOMTI CHAKRAS .

6 . Remedies Geopathic stress  / Negative & Stress Zone area / 

      Anti  Radiation slow killer energies .

7.  Crystal Therapy Course ( seven chakras Crystals  + Knowledge of many crystals . )

8 . Color Therapy Course – Color Rays Knowledge .

9 . Remove ill health and discomfort , It will improve your  Health status & Balances

   agreeable atmosphere to live or work .

( After the Course , Aura cleaning Crystals , Material , Literature , Audio / Visual C D will be

   given for Practise . ) 

                AURA  CLEANING  COURSES






           ( Tea & Lunch Provided )


  6 DAYS


     Rs. 20000/-



             With Crystal  Techniques

           For Healing .

            ( FAST TECHNIQUE )

           ( Tea & Lunch Provided )


     10 DAYS




       Rs. 40000/-

          + 10000/-

    ( Healing Crystals )



 Aura cleaning technique पद्धति को सीखने में कुछ दिनों की जरूरत है और लगातार अभ्यास और उपचार के प्रयोग करते रहने से बहुत ही जल्दी निपुणता आ जाती है।

  इस पद्धति द्धारा उपचार आप कहीं भी , कभी भी और बिना अन्य साधन के उपयोग से बड़ी आसानी से तत्काल कर सकते है।  यह पद्धति सरल , व्यवहारिक और तत्काल असरकारक है।  इस पद्धति से मानसिक , भावनात्मक या आध्यात्मिक रूप से अपने जीवन में सकारात्मक बदलाव आ जाता है।    यकिन कीजिये  आप को जीवन का सच्चा सुख , आनन्द व शांति का अहसास करने की प्राप्ती होगी । वैसे तो इंसान को बीमारी हो या न हो । Aura cleaning technique   सीखना जरूरी है शायद आपके किसी मजबूरी के वक्त काम आ सको। Medical Treatment के साथ - साथ आप इस विधी को अपनायें।

                         ( Join our community)

         यह एक आधुनिक , वैज्ञानिक , ऊर्जा शक्ति चिकित्सा पद्धति है जो बिना स्पर्श , दर्द रहित , साईड इफेक्ट रहित , जल्दी असर देने वाली  सरल उपचार पद्धति है।         माना कि कोई भी व्यक्ति एक दिन में ठीक नहीं हो सकता पर इस पद्धति के द्धारा साधारण बीमारियां कुछ ही दिनों में ठीक हो जाती है परन्तु गंभीर बीमारियों में कुछ सप्ताह या अधिक समय में आपको अपने अंदर बदलाव महसूस होना शुरू हो जाऐगा।


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