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 (1) Correction of Slope

If your slope is not proper according to Vaastu then place four pyramid yantras in

the South -West direction for a plot of about 2,500 square feet. But, if your plot is a bigger than 10,000 square feet, then place in North - East and in South  West direction

 (2) Correction for 8 directions

Most powerful method of energizing such a ‘dosha’ is to place nine pyramid yantras in all the eight directions and nine in the centre for about a plot of 5,000 square feet. But, if your plot is a bigger one place pyramid yantra in multiples.

(3) Correction at Compound Entrance

For removing the ‘dosha’ of wrong entrance place pyramid yantra on each side of the gate, 2 to 2.5 feet away from the gate in the inner side for a small plot and for a bigger plot place nine pyramid yantras at the same distance.

 (4) Correction of Shape

If your plot shape is irregular then place nine pyramid yantras on each of

the four corners as to make a square or rectangle as shown in the

 (5) Correction at Brahmasthala

If your plot has no other defects and it is a one of about 2,500 square feet you have to install Pyramid yantras in the central part of the house of plot and keep a distance of one foot between them. For a bigger plot of 5,000 square feet place

25 pyramid yantras, place 49 for a plot of 10,000 square feet and so on.

(6) W.C. in Wrong Place

Place three pyramid yantras on each outer side of the wall facing the room for


 (7) Correction in Placement of Room

If your room has a Vaastu ‘dosha’ place pyramid yantra in the entrance on

the outer side room place another one on the same wall corner in the inner side

and place one on the opposite wall exactly in front of the entrance door.

(8) Protection of Place

If you have a placement of room in a wrong side or near energy according to

Vaastu for e.g. if you have storage of water in South - East (corner for fire ) then

place nine pyramid yantras there to nullify the effect. In this way you can always

create such a symbolic wall protection if you have some unsuitable energise

surrounding you.

(9) Cut House Corner

Install one pyramid in all the four direction - N , S, E, and W.

(10) Main door ‘Dosha’

If the main entrance door is not proper place a pyramid yantra in the centre of the door above the frame and each side of the frame as shown in the E ,S , N , W.

 (11) Right Angle

According to Vaastu the plot must have all its four angles to be of 90 degree, but this is not always possible. If you have a sharp cornered plot correct all its corners by placing one or nine pyramid yantras.

( 1 2 ) Brahmsthala Disturbance

There was some irregular shaped plots in which gravitational centre, Brahmasthala does not locate in the shape but outside it. In such cases divide the plot in 2 or more parts by creating a symbolic wall of pyramid yantra and then find their individual Brahmasthalas. Now, place nine pyramids in the centre and one on each corner of the shape. But, if your plot is bigger one place pyramid yantras i n multiples.


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