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Q. No.1.   Is there any rule as regards the measurements of rooms ?

Answer - The rooms on the East and North should not be bigger than those on the West and South. These rooms may be smaller than or equal to the rooms on the West and South. In the same way, the verandahs on the West and South should be bigger than those on the East and North or equal to them.

Q. No. 2.  Is it allowed to cover the four corners of the plot ?

Answer - It is better to keep all three corners of the house/ temple open excepts S-W, That is why at the time of House -Warming Ceremony, the owners move around the newly constructed house before they enter it. It is considered very auspicious. Although S.W corner may be closed but the open space between the

house and the compound wall is a must.

Q. No. 3. Is it good to have cellars /basement or underground houses ?

Answer - As far as possible it is better to avoid them especially in a residential building, since the houses should always be on a higher level than that of the road. In olden days palaces generally built on hillocks used to enjoy strength, stability and luxuries of life. However when the residential as also commercial

activities are carried out in the same complex, basement in the East, North and the N-E sector can be made and used for storage and parking. If only basement

is used for business, only 60% benefits are obtained in spite of good star position coupled with best of efforts.

Q. No. 4. Can the toilet be built on the South West ?

Answer - No , it is very bad. If the toilet is built on S-W, there will be mental tension and the eldest male member of the house will fall ill. Either store-room or

Master bedroom can be built in this area.

Q. No. 5. What is the effect of a toilet in the North -East corner ?

Answer - Toilet should not be built on the North -East also, as it is the place of God. So a prayer room, a study room or a bedroom for children may be constructed in this sector. Toilet in NE cause mental tension illness, long lasting disease and bankruptcy.

Q. No. 6. On which side should be the stair -case ?

Answer - The stair -case may be built on any side except the north , East , N W ,  N.E., in such a way that people might descend from the staircase facing East or North. The area in S-W, South , West, S-E, N-W, North, East should be used in order of priority.

Q. No. 7 . Kindly tell where should be the Septic Tank, underground water sump, overhead tank, borewell and open well be built ?

Answer - Wells, pits, underground storage of water should be in the NE, North, or East. The septic tank can be in the North or East but not in N-E corner. The

overhead tank may be built in the West, S-W, N-W, North or Eastern areas without touching the roof or the parapet wall.

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