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Q. No. 1. Where should be the stage of the couple in a marriage ceremony?

Answer - Every auspicious work should be done with face towards the East only then it is successful. For the stage of the new couple should be in the West to be auspicious. It can be all right if the stage is in the South. However the stage of the couple should never be in the North. If it is in the East medium level benefits are obtained.

Q. No. 2. What is the fundamental difference between Indian Vaastu Shastra and the Chinese Feng Shui?

Answer - Indian Vaastushastra is based on different forces, cosmic rays, natural laws, the five basic elements different energy sources etc. The Chinese science of Feng Shui does not seem to have given much importance to the directions since one school of thought advocates only “Directionless Feng Shui”. Feng Shui is based on shape, colour, water, hill, photos, light arrangements, mirrors etc. As less importance is given to directions in the science of Feng Shui different

meanings are attributed to different building shapes. Feng Shui is applicable more to interior decoration/placement of furniture and works wonders for flats and apartments.

Q. No. 3. Are irregular plots or structures recommended ?

Answer - No, The classical works are very clear in stating that the structure should be a perfect square or rectangle. According to Brihat Sanhita irregular shapes gives following results :

1. When South East is cut, the owner will lose wealth and will be miserable through women.

2. When the North West is cut there is loss of money and food.

3. When North -East is cut he will fall from virtues.

4. When the South-West is cut there is death of male children, troubles through women and the master becomes servile.

5. On the other hand if all the angles are right the inmates of the house will be happy and live with wealth and honor.

Q. No. 4 . Can a portion of the house be rented out?

Answer - Retain the South -West portion of the house and rent out the rest. Avoid letting out part of the house at the cost of retaining the North-West portion which could bitter your relationship with the tenant to your detriment. If it is an independent house rent out the total portion.

Q. No. 5. The placement of main doors is so confusing. Some say it should be as given in the classical works, some say it differently. How do we decide on the correct placement ?

Answer - We prefer to rely on the classical works as far as the main door is concerned. However , in case where it may not be possible to stick to this because of building constraints modern scholars suggest the following guidelines.

Q.No.5. Do you recommend any specific measurement while using mirrors ?

Answer - Always go in for square of rectangular  mirrors. They can be hung on the East or North walls of the house.

Q. No. 6 . Can houses be built on road level ?

Answer - It is always better to build both the compound floor and the structure above the road level. Left the foundation for the compound floor be at least two feet above the road level, Let the house (structure) itself be at least two or three feet above the ground level. Generally speaking if you observe temples, you will find that they are built on a higher level than the ground. Taking the life of a building as about fifty years, there is always the possibility of the height or the road slowly increasing over a period of time. It is therefore all the more necessary that the structure is built at a higher height of avoid flow of rain water etc. from the road into the building or compound.

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