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Q. No. 1 . Where should the magnetic compass be kept for marking the directions in the plot ?

Answer - While observing the direction in the plot the compass should be kept at the exact centre of the plot.

Q. No. 2 . The film industry prospered in Mumbai and Chennai. Delhi is a big city, why did film industry not prosper here ?

Answer - Delhi mainly comes in North zone. On the other hand Mumbai comes in the South zone in Western part. Since south direction is the direction of

entertainment therefore film industry is mainly prospering in South. To the East of Chennai and all around Mumbai is sea, giving the benefits of hydro energy, to these cities.

Q. No. 3 . If the main entrance is of two shutters what are the special benefits ?

Answer - The main entrance should be of two shutters and it should not be in the corner. It should be at least at a distance of two feet from the corners. It gives more /early progress by better energy flow than a simple shutter shop /office.

Q. No. 4  . If the deity is kept inside the kitchen, is it allright ?

Answer - A separate place of worship is always the best. Due to paucity of the space if it is included in the kitchen, it is acceptable. However it should never be

under the kitchen platform or the sink. If it is to be taken in the kitchen it should be in North -East, the North -West, the East or the West direction.

Q. No. 5 . How and where should the owner sit in his office ?

Answer - There are mainly two types of owner. - A trader who deals in actual delivery of goods. - A consultant who serves the people with his brain e. g. Doctor, Lawyer, Astrologer, Professor etc. As per basic guidelines of Vaastu, the owner /CEO should always sit in the room in South or West zone. For more prosperity the trader should preferably sit with face towards the North and the consultants for more name & fame should preferably sit facing East.

Q. No. 6 . Why the Taj Mahal at Agra became so famous ?

Answer - Mainly Taj Mahal is a square figure. Taj Mahal has four doors in the East, the West, the North and the South. Out of these the doors in the East and

the West are of the same height meaning at the same level from the ground. The south gate is at a higher level than the North gate. The North and the South direction pass from the exact centre of Taj Mahal. It means the magnetic field passes through the centre. The most important thing is that the river Yamuna

flows on the North side of the Taj Mahal. The whole building is made of a particular type of marble. The height, the dome etc. are constructed with due regards to Vaastu Shastra. Due to this magnetic force a unique area is created in and around the Taj Mahal, best owing the building a power to attract the spectators from all over the world.

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